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Loyalty System
How it works
The card costs 5.00 at the bar and once processed the card is issued
and you receive 200 point automatically loaded on the card.
Each point is worth a penny so basically the card cost 3.00
The system is set so every time you purchase a pint you get 2 points
and 1 point for a half (I am afraid the system wont work for 3rd pint
As deals are done with certain brewers, the boards advertising the
beers on in the bar will have an additional number in yellow next to the
price / ABV.
This will be where additional points have been added, so for example
Mauldons Best sells for 3.00, which is the price you pay but If the board
says 20 in yellow pen next to it, then your card will be
loaded with a 20 point bonus.
Points can be redeemed at the bar for beer / food / merchandise or for
any event where there is a cost involved.
You can check via you log in on the web site to see how many point you
have or ask at the bar for the staff to check. You can also use the web
site to see which beers you have had and when.
You can use your card when you are with friends in the pub to bonus
your fund as well, but if you are a serious ticker, remember it will show
their drinks as well.
Additional to these points we will be trying to work with other
businesses to promote them and you will be able to get discounts at these
shops / clubs by showing your loyalty card.
Further promotions will be run during the course of the year where
certain drinks will be promoted in an addition to the points, for instance
we may have a month promo with Adnams or Meantime and the top 10
drinkers during that period of their products will get a gift or free trip
or meal etc from the host company. Some may offer a free consolation drink
if you were unsuccessful!
All these will come on line early in the new year
The tick box for interest is so we can bring people together who have
like for like interests and hope to have a number of meetings for these
groups and help arrange visits or have completions such as fishing / golf
All these are about using the pub as a focal point to bring people
together and use the technology to help us develop further with out it
taking over and becoming a themed pub etc
We are the first of its kind to our knowledge in the industry to have
developed a system that is product specific enabling us to look after our
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